Story of Eugenia (9366) and Julius.

In January 2005 Julius phoned me at the first time. We spent lot of time talking to each other. In a month and a half I managed to make email box so we continued corresponding via email during 8 months and still he phoned me almost every day. Last two months before we met he started to mention about wedding and I thought it's a joke.
Finally we met on the 9th of August in Istanbul, Turkey, and he was the same guy I talked by phone so long and like for his letters. I met lots' of his friends and relatives there and they are very nice people too who helped us a lot. We spent month and a half in Istanbul traveling, visiting his friends and still marriage itself was a great surprise for me. When I was going to Turkey I wasn't thinking seriously about it at all but I really like him.

He is a nice person I am in love with and we are very special for each other now. I am in Khabarovsk now preparing documents for visa to US. It's not easy but Julius supports me. He phones me every day, we talk for hours and we are going to meet New Year together.
We both are very grateful to APW for the real chance for meeting each other and I am very proud we used this chance and our roads crossed and became one big common road to family happiness..

Thank you,


Eugenia was placed on the internet in October 31, 2003
This testimonial was placed on the internet on October 24, 2005

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