Tours to Russia and Ukraine

Going on a tour does have its advantages. You meet far more woman easily and quickly compared to going by yourself, several hundred ladies usually attend the socials, all the arrangements are taken care of, by professionals, with years of experience. That leaves you with plenty of time to concentrate on impressing the ladies, rather that making your own travel plans.

Because we buy everything in bulk, we get good discounts, which we pass on to you, so in the end you save time, trouble and money.

Each tour has several socials, where we have invited interested ladies to attend. These women are looking for husbands and they want to marry a foreign man, regardless of which country he resides in. Interpreters are provided, that not only help with translations, they also provide valuable assistance during those critical moments of your first meeting with the lady.

There are three different tour options available.

1 Full Package tour
We recommend this as it includes almost everything. Airfare from New York, transport to and from airport to hotel, 4 star hotel accommodation and at least three socials to meet the ladies. If the tour includes more than one city then transportation is provided between cities. Prices below are for full package tours.

2 Land tour
This is the same as option one above but does not include airfare. This option is good for travelers who do not live in USA, or near it. You arrange your own air ticket, travel to the desired city during the tour dates. We meet you at the airport, take you to your hotel and from then on, everything is the same as option 1 above. If you decide to choose this option then you can deduct $800 from the tour prices below.

3 Socials only
Recommended only if you already are in the tour city or planning to be there during the tour dates, and don't need any arrangements made for you. This option is suitable for men travelling primarily to Russia/Ukraine on company business or already residing there. Using this option as opposed to option 1 or 2 above, will not save you money and will be more exhausting for you trying to make all the arrangements yourself instead of concentrating your energies on impressing the ladies. Prices are $350.00 for one social, $600.00 for two and $800.00 for three.

We do not organize tours ourselves. You benefit by this. Rather, we work with several qualified companies that have over the years earned our respect, to the extent that we will recommend them to our clients.

Think of us as your travel agent, you buy your tickets from the agent, not the airline. Like the travel agent we have already done the research for you, and can offer you the most suitable packages for your needs.

Your benefit is, that you will not have to try to figure out which are the best in the industry, all tour organizers claim to be the best, very few have proved to be the best. Purchasing the tour from us means that you have a wider choice of tours, because we show the services of several companies together. In the unlikely event of a complaint, we can resolve it easier for you than if you tried directly, as we sell many tours for these companies each year.

You also benefit by paying the tour deposit with us, because if you change your mind, you can use your deposit to go on any other tour we offer, even if its organized by another company, whereas this would not be possible if you bought the tour direct from the organizer. If you are a repeat customer the organizer will try to keep you as his client, by offering you a discount after your first tour. To get the discount you will have to go again on his tour. Not so with us. If you are our repeat customer then you can get the discount of $300.00 off any tour we offer, regardless who organized it.

Tour prices do not include visas to Russia & Ukraine, costs are from $100 to $150 and once you book the tour we will assist you with visa arrangements.

Tour deposits are non refundable, if you wish to cancel a tour your deposit can be used towards another tour.

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